Asia Brand Protection Coalition

The trade of counterfeited and contraband goods represents a significant threat to consumers, public authorities, companies, and society in general. Counterfeiting and the trade in contraband is a global issue that affects a huge range of industries: pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, luxury goods, alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, cosmetics, toys, gemstones, watches and clothing, to name just a few.  The trade in unregulated and untested counterfeit goods poses a significant danger to consumers’ health, and costs governments around the world untold billions in lost revenues – funds that could be used to build schools, provide healthcare, and cut taxes.

Asia Security’s main strategy in combating illicit trade in the Asia Pacific is launching a public-private coalition that connects and links stakeholders closely to stay ahead of the counterfeiters in the competition of illicit trade. Asia Brand Protection Coalition aims to utilize every single legitimate mean available in its mission to combat illicit trade and provide a better trading environment in the Asia Pacific.

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